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HBC-radiomatic has been synonymous with outstanding quality in radio technology for more than 68
years. Trusting completely in our own ability for innovation and engineering, we have relied on our own
internal product development and manufacturing right from the start.

From a courageous project of two radio pioneers to a high-tech engineering company with worldwide 
activities – that is, in a nutshell, the history of HBC-radiomatic GmbH. Over the decades we have
developed and manufactured high-quality radio control systems, which is over 90 percent of the
components for HBC radio controls are produced at the company’s own factory in Crailsheim,
Germany, with the "made by HBC-radiomatic" seal of quality.

Today, HBC radio controls are in demand all around the globe. 
A worldwide sales and service network with 7 HBC subsidiaries and more than 40 reliable contacts
guarantees quick availability of HBC products in more than 60 countries.
  • · 1947
    Huber & Brendel founded in Crailsheim.
  • · 1950
    Introduction of the Portafon, the first portable radio-telephone for civil use in
    Germany, by Huber & Brendel.
  • · 1960
    Development of the first fully transistorised radio-telephone in Germany, by Huber & Brendel.
  • · 1963
    Introduction of the first radio-controlled storm warning system at Lake Constance.
  • · 1968
    Creation of HBC's first radio control for cranes.
  • · 1975
    Introduction of the first HBC radio system for explosion-protected areas.
  • · 1979
    Creation of the first HBC radio system with microprocessor control.
  • · 1986
    Introduction of the first HBC proportional radio control.
  • · 1993
    Introduction of the first HBC feedback system with LCD.
  • · 1997
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic, CZ s.r.o in Brno, Czech Republic.
  • · 1998
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic France in La Wantzenau, France. Founding of HBC-radiomatic,
    Inc. in Cincinnati, USA.
  • · 1999
    The company is given a new legal structure as HBC-radiomatic GmbH.
  • · 2003
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic Vertriebsgesellschaft GmbH in Dortmund, Germany.
  • · 2004
    Production of the first CANopen capable HBC radio receivers. Founding of HBC-radiomatic Ibérica,
    S.L. in Barcelona, Spain.
  • · 2005
    Introduction of world's first automatic frequency management system, radiomatic® AFM.
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG in Neuenhof, Switzerland.
  • · 2007
    Opening of the new HBC component manufacturing facility in Crailsheim.
  • · 2009
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic Japan K.K. in Osaka, Japan. Opening of the new facility of
    HBC-radiomatic, Inc. in Hebron, Kentucky, USA.
  • · 2011
    Presentation of the new operating concept radiomatic® pilot: radio control by hand movements.
  • · 2012
    Move of HBC-radiomatic Schweiz AG to their own facilities in Othmarsingen (Zurich metropolitan area).
  • · 2013
    Founding of HBC-radiomatic India Pvt. Ltd. in Pune, India.