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  • NEW micron M
  • Push-button type
Suitable models

Model micron M
Features • 8 two-step push buttons.
• STOP impact switch.
• LED for the indication of battery status.
• 2 LEDs and transmitter vibration to indicate login status for the merlin® concept.
• merlin® iLOG for the quick activation of a spare transmitter.
• Built-in Li-ion battery with inductive charging, approx. 30 h of continuous operating time (standard version).
• Charging tray with magnetic mounting.
• Robust plastic housing, protection class IP 65.
• merlin® technology = flexible pairing / unpairing of transmitter and receiver with merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card)
• radiomatic® report via merlin® TUC (Transmitter User Card).
• Catch-release.
• radiomatic® zero-g / inclination switch.
• Automatic frequency management via 2.4 GHz technology.


• 8개의 2단 푸쉬 버튼.
• 견고한 비상 스위치.
• LED 작업 상태 / 배터리 상태 표시 가능.
• 신기술 merlin® 로그인 시, 2개의 LED 상태표시 및 진동 알람 기능.
• merlin® iLOG 를 이용한 빠른 SPARE 송신기 대체 가능.
• 유도성 충전방식으로 내장된 Li-ion 배터리. 약 30시간 연속 사용 가능(standard version).
• 마그네틱 방식의 충전기 거치대.
• merlin® 기술 = merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card) 적용된 수신기와 다양한 spare 송신기와의결합 및 분리 가능.
• merlin® TUC (Transmitter User Card) 를 통한 radiomatic® report.
• Catch-release.
• radiomatic® zero-g / inclination switch.
• 2.4 GHz technology를 통한 자동 주파수 관리.